La Palma Christian School is dedicated to the spiritual, academic, physical and social development of every student enrolled. Our aim is to create a learning environment that is challenging and supportive and always devoted to each individual’s full potential of growth. We are committed to academic excellence and will seek to discover and encourage the gifts each student possesses. We also strive to deepen each student’s understanding of the Christian faith and relationship with Jesus Christ; inspiring each student to realize his or her full potential in serving the Lord and impacting our community and the world.

La Palma Christian School's Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade classes utilize the Accelerated Christian Education program (A.C.E.) The training of a new generation of Godly, righteous young people is the purpose and goal of A.C.E. The A.C.E. program and curriculum is built upon the Word of God. Last year, thousands of students graduated from 6,000 Christian schools using the A.C.E. program. Large numbers of these young graduates went on to attend colleges and universities.

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